torsdag den 3. april 2014


Welcome to our  web page.

We will have the 2018 list ready later this year......

You can click on the picture to see them in full size.
Please note the name/number is below the pictures.

Here is the :TB iris 
                    Other bearded iris SDB IB BB 
                    Aril Iris 
                    Spuria Iris 
              Other Iris 

Our irisgarden is situated just outside  El Vilosell  here in Catalonia,its about 140 km southwest of Barcelona,  we grow many different kind of iris, mostly TB but also bulbous iris like junos,many arils,and in recent years we have increased the number of  spuria iris.

You can also visit our FB site El Vilosell Iris for daily news and pictures:) 


POSTAGE AND DELIVERY: All     international orders are delivered by Postal service.

Please calculate 1-2,00€ per rhizome in postage ,minimum postage 20,00€

 In Spain all orders are delivered by currier service.


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